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Mission Statement

This website is dedicated to the organization of the photographs that Alex Pisciotta, an American Soldier, took during his tour in France. These photographs are first-hand accounts of what a soldier's life was like during WWI.

We believe that this website and these artifacts will help to play an extremely advantageous role in the teaching of children. Having access to these photos can help Teachers to create lesson plans and better keep their students engaged. They will also help to keep children interested by showing them real records of what life and war were like during WWI. 

Having primary sources available for children to look at when teaching them a lesson an be extremely beneficial to their learning experience. It helps children realize that history is more than just information they learn from their textbooks. Having items like Alex Pisciotta's photographs helps to make history more relevant and understandable. Students will be able to place actual people and/or documents to an event that they're are leaning in their textbooks.

We have created our website to be read as if it was narrated by Alex Pisciotta himself. We believe that having the site written this way will help to better tell the story and make it more interesting. These are more than just photographs; they are Alex's life as seen through his eyes.

Thanks to The Center for Migration Studies, teachers everywhere can now access these photographs to help with their lesson plans.

All photos are courtesy of The Center for Migration Studies (CMS). All Rights Reserved.


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