Alex Pisciotta's Life

Photo #0010 

 My  name is Alex Pisciotta and I was a  Corporal  in Battalion D,
70th Artillery  Regiment, of the United States Army. I was a part 
of the American Expeditionary Forcesent to France in 1917, to 
join the Allied forces in the fight against Germany during WWI.

To the left is a picture of me in full uniform holding my rifle.

I was born in Italy, but my family and I emigrated to the United
States. My father was a soldier in Italy when he was young.When
World War I began I was enlisted to help fight the war. I wanted
to be able to document my travels and I did so by taking photos
of everything and everyone I encountered. All of the photos you                    
will find on these pages are in non-combative situations. 

World War I was a frightening time for everyone.  So many young soldiers were hurt or killed.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I served my country and made it back home safe and sound when it was over.  It was hard and scary and sometimes lonely, but I also experienced many new and interesting things as well.  I met new people, traveled to a foreign country, made some friends, and faced all the challenges that came my way.  I hope you enjoy hearing about my involvement in the incident that became known as the war to end all wars, and I hope you learn something.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

                                                                                   Corporal Alex Pisciotta

Photo #0017 

Here I am with Jaques the farm dog. The two stripes on my sleeve

indicates that I am a corporal. That is my rank.

Photo #0012 

Here I am in full uniform, including my  combat helmet.  I always need to 

carry my rifle when I am out in the field.


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