WWI Documents

The items shown below are very old documents that I had with me during WWI. They are very old and worn. A lot of them can't really be read, but you can get a good idea of the items we carried with us. These documents were extremely important and valuable to me, and I wanted to save them in order to document my travels during World War I for years to come.  

Photo #0046 

When soldiers were being transported overseas, we were given postcards to send to our families to let them know that our ship had arrived safely.  This is a postcard that I sent home to my parents.  They kept it and I saw it when I was discharged and arrived back home.  

Photo #0049 

 Photo #0050

Photo #0047 

Photo #0048 

Photos #0047-0050 are copies of my pay record book. Soldiers were paid a monthly salary for being in the military.  This book is where I kept track of how much I was paid and what day I was paid.


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