Soldier Life

Our lives, that of soldiers during this time, were very different from what we were accustomed to at home. We did not have all of the common luxuries we were used to. Instead, we learned to do every day routines by using what we had at hand. It was not always easy, but we made do. Below you will find pictures of how my fellow soldiers and I did in our daily lives during the war.

Photo #0044

This is a photograph of soldiers in our billet.  It is the structure we sleep in.  It isn’t fancy, but we call it home for now. We don’t have closets or dressers for our clothes, but we each have our own cot.

Photo #009 

This is a picture I took of one of the soldiers in my unit. This is just a sample of how we would accomplish our every day hygienic routines. This soldier is shaving himself outside of a normal house in France using the running water from a drain.

Photo #0011 

Here we are in our A.E.F. uniforms.  These are the uniforms we wore coming over to France.

Photo #0024

Here are some of the men out surveying. Surveying is what we call it when we are out gathering information to construct maps of the area.  The men are dressed in combat attire including their gas masks.


Photo #0015

Here are some of the men ready for action. It was hot in France that August, especially dressed like this.


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