WWI Vehicles

There were all different kinds of modes of transportation during World War I, especially in France. We used different vehicles depending on what exactly we were doing. Seeing the pictures of the way we got around can really help kids to better understand what we were doing. 

Photo #0016

Sometimes officers rode on horses. This was the easiest and most convenient way to get around the small streets of France, other than walking. 

Photo #0001

This is another picture of our unit with the tractor that is used to carry the Howitzer. 


Photo #0002

There were also other times when we rode in motorcycles with sidecars. The streets of France are rather tiny, so this was not always the easiest way to get around, but it was quick. 

Photo #0020

The vehicle shown here is a tractor that was used to transport a large gun called a Howitzer. We did not travel on this aside from transporting the gun.


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