WWI Civilians

We not only fought in France, but we also lived our daily lives there. Because we were spending every waking moment in the city we encountered many civilians and french citizens. These are some photographs that document what civilian life was like back during World War I. 

Photo #0018 

In this picture you can see how the walls of buildings used to be made were made of layers of rock not bricks like we use now

Photo #0007

The guys in my battalion and I became friends with some local farmers in the town where we were stationed.


Photo #0019 

Some of the men and I went to mass on Sundays at this church. Many french citizens also attended.

Photo #0008

Here are me and some of the men in town with the French locals.  The children love to take pictures with the Doughboys. Doughboy  was the nickname for American enlisted men fighting in WWI.


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